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What size are campsites?

Sites are 30x45, plenty of room for most RVs and "Big rigs"

Does each attendee need a camp pass or how does that work?

Camping "passes" are for each site, not each person camping. We don't make you pay us to access the campgrounds, that's borderline extortion! 

How many people can you have per campsite?

Each camping pass allows one camper or tent and up to 6 people.

Can you bring carry-ins into the concert?

Sorry, per Wisconsin State Law, we cannot permit carry-ins to the concert area. But feel free to bring as much as you want to the campground! Would appreciate you buying a beer or two from us, though, so we can keep the festival going!

Is there a place that I can fill my camper with water?

At this point, we do not have a truck or mass-filling station for filling campers. We do have a few stations across the grounds for filling up with drinking water. They are designated with big yellow signs that say "WATER" on them.

Are there showers on premises?

YES! The showers are located in the southeast corner of the campground, past the "Party Bus"

Is there "quiet time" like other festivals have?

We don't have a designated "quiet time", however be respectful to your neighbors. If its 4AM, we probably don't need to be blasting Slayer in the campgrounds.

When will I get my tickets/campsite passes?

Unless you purchased your tickets at one of our retailers, you will get your wristbands upon arrival at the concert gates. Just show your ID if you're the person that purchased the tickets. If you'll be arriving before the person that bought the tickets, let us know and we'll accommodate! Camping passes will also be handed out at the gates. We assign campsites prior to arrival, unless purchased within two weeks of the festival, then it will be first-come-first serve.

Are there meet & greet opportunities with the artists?

Our Rallies are a special place for attendees and artists alike. We try to create an environment that makes artists feel comfortable hanging out with the folks that come to see them. Some artists may want to do meet & greets, but for the most part, they will come out and meet you anyways!

Are there age restrictions?

Northwoods Rock Rally is an 18+ event due to the adult nature of the festival.

Is there handicap parking or camping?

Yes! Just reach out to us for info on handicap camping, otherwise we will direct you to handicap parking upon your arrival and proof of handicap status.

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